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Four boys have been rescued from Thai cave
By Ben Volin
By Ben Volin Globe Staff
January 28, 2018

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Super Bowl LII will mark the end of an era for the Patriots.

Tom Brady still has plenty of football left in him, and Bill Belichick probably isn’t going anywhere. But Belichick’s staff should see a major shakeup in the next few weeks.

Both of Belichick’s longtime coordinators are about to move on. Josh McDaniels had his second interview for the Colts’ head coaching job on Friday, a meeting that should end any doubt that McDaniels will be taking the job. And Matt Patricia will be announced as discount new sast online 2018 Hot Sale Vapormax Mens Running Shoes Barefoot Soft Sneakers Women Breathable Athletic Sport Shoe Black Gold White Blue Brand Trainers outlet visit new largest supplier free shipping largest supplier F7WSvw
shortly after the Super Bowl.

Belichick hasn’t had to fill either of his coordinator positions since 2012, enjoying rare stability over the six seasons.

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Who will he select as his next coordinators? These are important hires, as the coaches who will guide the Patriots into the final years with Brady and help the team transition to the future.

And if history is any guide, Belichick will promote those coaches from within — if he hires anyone at all.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (left) is expected to take the Colts head coaching vacancy after the Super Bowl.

All of Belichick’s coordinators during his 18-year tenure in New England either worked with him at a previous stop or worked their way up inside the Patriots. Some shot up through the system more quickly than others, but the Patriots almost never hire coordinators from the outside. We say “almost,” because in 2008 Dom Capers was hired as a secondary coach and special assistant. He wasn’t a coordinator, but he was a de facto assistant coach, brought in for one year in case Belichick got suspended for Spygate.

On the offensive side, Belichick’s first coordinator was Charlie Weis, who worked with Belichick in the 1990s with the Patriots and Jets. Weis held the job for five seasons before leaving in 2005. McDaniels, who joined the Patriots in 2001 as an offensive assistant, served as offensive coordinator from 2006-08. Bill O’Brien, hired as a special assistant in 2007 after 15 years as a college coach, served as offensive coordinator in 2011. O’Brien was an outside hire at first, but he was indoctrinated in the Belichick Way for a few years before earning his title.

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Photo: Alina Bradford/CNET
of 21

If the meat you buy at the grocery store doesn't go straight into the freezer, leave it in its plastic grocery bag when you put it in the fridge. This will ensure that any leaking juices will be caught in the bag, nixing the need for cleanup.

Updated: Caption: Alina Bradford Photo: Alina Bradford
of 21

Take some binder clips from the office and put them to work in the kitchen. My family usually accidentally tears off self-zipping bag closures on grated cheeses and such, so I use binder clips to clip bags closed, preventing spills. You can also use a binder clip to prevent stacked wine bottles and beer bottles from rolling around. Just clip it to the shelf (if you have rack-style shelving) and stick the metal ends up to block any rolling bottles.

Updated: Caption: Alina Bradford Photo: Alina Bradford
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Chances are, the items in your fridge aren't where they need to be. Some areas of your fridge are colder than others, making them better suited for certain foods. For example, the door is a good place for ketchup, hot sauce and other condiments that don't grow bacteria rapidly, but not other items.

Updated: Caption: Alina Bradford Photo: Ry Crist/CNET
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The temperature of the the door area fluctuates a lot because of it opening and closing. That makes it a bad location for eggs, meats, milk or other items that are easily perishable, according to the USDA. Store these items on the inner shelves of the fridge to keep them fresher, longer.

Updated: Caption: Alina Bradford Photo: Alina Bradford/CNET
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You can also make milk last longer if you move it to a bottom shelf. Bottom shelves tend to stay cooler than the top shelf, according to Consumer Reports .

Updated: Caption: Alina Bradford Photo: Alina Bradford/CNET
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You should be throwing out leftovers on a regular basis. Not, just to keep your fridge organized, but also to prevent illness. The USDA recommends tossing cooked leftovers after four days .

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